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So I'm trying to edit my blog and it won't work!

Hey so there’s and issue or something and I keep trying to change the name and banner of my blog but it won’t save (like I press the save button the whole page freezes and I have to open it on a new tab to be able to do anything and then nothing has saved anyway) and I have been trying to do this for a while now I’m not sure what to do about it, if anyone has any ideas leave a comment below please!!


inky Centre for Youth Literature

Hi! We hear you! We are having that problem too! We have taken this problem to the technical fix-it team so stay tuned. In the meantime - keep posting! You can edit later!

14th Mar, 19

Okay thanks for letting me know hopefully it will be fixed soon. :)

14th Mar, 19

In reply to chelcyg

I'm having this problem too. The only reason my blog has a different name is because I made it as a new blog, rather than editing My First Blog.

14th Mar, 19