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Okay so I need to read more and I'm struggling.

Okay so I’ve been reading the Throne of glass series for about 6 months now (I’m slow I know leave me alone) and its not like I’m not enjoying the story or anything I’m just not feeling motivated to sit down and actually read it, I need some tips on how to motivate myself to start reading more often again; I really want to finish the series and find out what happens to all the characters because I love them so much but I lack motivation to read!!

Please if you have any idea how to help me out comment it below.



Get a nice space to read - maybe somewhere new - and mentally put all your problems away so you can focus on reading. And if that doesn't work, um... satanic ritual? Faustian pact?

26th Apr, 19

okay sounds good I'll give all 3 options a go lol

26th Apr, 19

Just take any chance to read it. In the car? Read. On the toilet? Read. About to sleep? Read. Also you have to sort out all your other problems. You might also sadly have to consider whether the series if right for you.

28th Apr, 19

Yeah I’m really invested in the series so I’m like 95% sure it isn’t that but thanks for your suggestions!

29th Apr, 19