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I'm finally active again

Hey everyone so I’m back and I have been really busy with school and things, but I’ve really missed yall; It also didn’t help that my school blocked the site for a couple of weeks. But anyway, since I’ve been gone a lot has happened, I just finished studying Romeo and Juliet and now moving on to Animal farm in English, I put down my VCE/TAFE subjects for next year (listed below):

  • studio arts (3/4)
  • Literature (1/2)
  • General mathematics (1/2)
  • Art (1/2)
  • Business Management (1/2)
  • Certificate 3 Make-up (1st year, TAFE)

and my backup subjects in case any of the above don’t end up running are:

  • History (1/2)
  • Food studies (1/2)

If anyone has any study tips for these subjects let me know!

and I’ve also been reading a bit too, I’ve almost finished the third book in the Court of Thorns and Roses series and I am absolutely loving it!!

Oh, and I’ve been doing a digital photography elective the featured image is a picture I took and edited in photoshop for my end product.

Also, I won’t be posting playlists anymore for a while (not like I have been anyway)

I’ll post some pictures of sooty (the puppy) later this arvo.



Welcome back! Those subjects sound pretty fun. I hope you enjoy them!
For studying maths, my biggest advice would be to pay attention when the teacher explains how things work. Once you understand a concept, it's much, much easier to remember and apply. Since I'm a visual learner, I also like to imagine maths stuff visually, as it helps me grasp the bigger picture - and once you see the bigger picture, there's a lot more you can do.

30th Aug, 19
inky State Library Victoria

Welcome back! Can't wait to see the puppy!

30th Aug, 19

welcome back and i am studying Romeo and Juliet too it's amazing

30th Aug, 19

yeah it wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be

30th Aug, 19

Welcome back! I’ve got my Romeo and Juliet essay coming up next week. Your VCE classes look really interesting!

31st Aug, 19

Oh thanks and good luck with your essay!

1st Sep, 19

In reply to chelcyg

Thank you!

2nd Sep, 19